Top 3 Evenflo Child Car Seats

Looking for the best car seat is somewhat a difficult thing to do especially since we are surrounded by a lot of great car seats right now. Of course, we want only the best in terms of safety especially that a car seat is the only thing protecting our baby during road trips. We want a safe, comfortable and affordable car seat with great features and excellent ratings. But it may be a little harder if we check each seat, one by one, just to land on something worth it. Well, to help you get through with this problem, listed below are the top 3 child safety seats manufactured by Evenflo, a company known for its quality products. Read more below to find out more about these!

Evenflo Triumh Advance LX Convertible – This seat by Evenflo has received the best ratings from all other Evenflo car seats. This is loved by parents because of its great features. This one is very safe as it is crafted in such a way that it meets or even exceeds the US safety standards. It also has a removable body and head support pillows to make your child comfortable, a fold-down cup to conveniently contain your baby’s snacks and drinks, and also a multi-position recliner, a slide harness adjustment system, and two buckle straps.

Evenflo Big Kid Booster – Another great product from Evenflo is the Big Kid booster, which can hold babies between 30 to 100 pounds! This car seat has comfort touch padding, a lap belt return, and a 5-position height adjustment. It even has a removable and washable cloth pads and two retractable extra-large cup holders for your convenience! Also, it can be converted easily into a no back booster.

Evenflo Tribute V Convertible – Parents love this seat by Evenflo because it has met and even exceeded the US safety standards. It has also received a lot of great reviews and excellent ratings. This car seat has a 5-point harness to make your babies a lot safer and a two-position recline to make your babies become more comfortable on their seats. It also has a body pillow and head pillow for added comfort! This is also a seat that can be used as a forward or rear-facing, depending on the age and weight of your baby.

Evenflo really has a wide variety of seats to choose from, but when we say best, the car seats listed above are really on top of all other Evenflo seats out there. If you want the best seat, try considering the ones above and surely you are guaranteed of their safe and quality car seats!