Top Three Books for Personal Development

A while back, my daughter asked me to name three must-read books in my field – which is, of course, Personal Development. It didn’t take much thinking – right away, I answered that my top three recommendations would be:

How to Find Your Real Self by Mildred Mann

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

That, I believe, is also the best sequence in which to read them. In this article, I am going to outline why I think these books are essential reading for any student of the subject. Let’s take each of them in turn …

There is only one message in Mildred Mann’s book, but it is an important message and one that I hope you will take on-board. It is this … you are here to fulfill a purpose – you are not an accident – your life has meaning and value.

The book is beautifully written and it is the only one of my three recommendations that is in the public domain – that means, you can get a copy for free and read it for yourself; which is something I hope you will do!

Deepak Chopra’s book the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success is the product of much thinking and soul-searching. In it, he outlines the path to success being revealed as a consequence of being connected with the universal mind of God. I particularly like the language of this book – it is almost like reading poetry at times. It is really rich and full of goodness – you feel better for just reading or listening to the words. Personally I have the book on CD and I play it in my car, from time to time, on long journeys.

The 7 Spiritual Laws are sequential and you will find that they build on the message and work of Mildred Mann. Though Mildred Mann writes from the Christian tradition and Deepak Chopra writes from a Buddhist perspective, I personally find no contradictions or difficulties in the essential content.

For many people who have studied Law-of-Attraction-style books and courses, there seems to be a missing link between the spiritual side of the process of creation/manifestation and the practical side of the process. That gap is perfectly bridged with Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The 7 Habits is a well-adjusted approach to achieving success in life; balancing the need for development of character against the need for working creatively with other people. Frequently, people do not see the need for developing character as a basis for personal growth, but that message is central to the book.

It is a sequential approach – easy to understand, but deceptively powerful. In my experience, not everyone can immediately grasp the true power of these behavioral habits, but when they are applied to your life and they become a part of the way you operate, you can produce truly outstanding results – you can achieve whatever you set out to do.

If you take the time to read these three classic works and let the important messages sink in, you will find that they do complement each other, but they each focus on a different aspect of the subject. So you will get a wonderfully complete and holistic view of how to go about achieving real success in life.