Two teenage girls and driver, 21, killed after car hit tree ‘while overtaking at 90mph’

One friend, who was laying flowers at the scene, said: “I know Lucy who died and Nathan who was in the passenger seat.

“Nathan is hospital in Birmingham with a bleed on his brain. He’s having surgery because he’s also got a damaged spine.

“He [Josh] was going over 90mph and coming up behind another car. He overtook it and as he swerved back into the lane he lost control and went into the tree.

“I’m not sure why they were going that fast. I haven’t a clue. Some say there was an undercover police officer at the scene or there was another car behind that was trying to race them.”

The friend added: “Lucy never hurt anyone. She was a lovely girl. She had started a new job and was sorting her life out, but now she’s lost it.

“She had done accounting at college and started an apprenticeship. She struggled with anxiety and other girls would give her a hard time because they were jealous of how pretty she was.”

Another friend added: “Josh and Nathan loved their cars, I think they were really into Fast and the Furious and all that kind of stuff. It’s a tragic waste of life.”

The Skoda crashed in Bromley Lane, Kingswinford, near Dudley, at around 8.50pm on Tuesday.

Neighbours said they heard an “almighty bang” like “a bomb going off” when the car smashed into a tree outside their homes.

Residents rushed out and started performing CPR on the girls, who were thrown from the wreckage, until ambulance crews arrived.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “I was in the utility room and the back of my house and even then it sounded like a bomb going off.

“There was this almighty bang like thunder and we ran out and spotted this car completely mangled. There was hardly any of it left – it still sends a shiver down my spine thinking about it.

“I just knew people would have lost their lives by the state of the wreckage. The girls were thrown into the road. It was just horrible.”

Chris Parks, 21, a car dealer from Stourbridge, said he knew Mr Parkes from school and described him as an “outgoing lad” who “lived life to the full.”

He said: “I’ve been saying it for years that this boy racing needs to stop straight away. They think it’s glamorous. The car’s loud and fast.

“Josh was an erratic, outgoing lad who lived life to the full. He messaged me a couple of days ago asking if I had any cheap cars. He’s done this before, but not with cars, riding bikes fast.

“I think he was out of his comfort zone. It was a two litre, which is fast for a first car. I think it was a police chase because I heard there was a police car involved that was after him for speeding.”

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