Vehicle Graphic Wraps

A vehicle graphic wrap is basically self-adhesive vinyl with a design, pattern, or logos printed onto it. After the vinyl has ink applied to it, it is then wrapped around a vehicle. Car wraps are essentially removable car decals. So if you decide to sell the vehicle or just get tired of the old wrap you can just take it right off. Car wraps will not damage the paint on your vehicle, it does the opposite actually. A car wrap will protect your vehicles paint by absorbing the suns UV rays. Over time UV rays can cause a paint job to fade and then eventually peel off.

There are several reasons someone would want car decals put on the vehicle of their choice. For one, it is great advertising. If someone is trying to promote a business, a car wrap is a great option. Something simple as going to the grocery store could be turned in to a great marketing opportunity. The amount of exposure that one car can generate (with a car decal that stands out) could be endless. Not only do the wraps go on cars but they can also be applied to trailers. So if a lawn company wants to put some advertising onto their trailers it would be a good investment to go with a wrap. This way the company can test different kinds of wraps to see which one works best for them. The downfall is this, once you take off the wrap you can’t put it back on. With that said, most car graphic companies will keep your graphic on their computer and you could always request for the same car decals to be put back on . There are also some companies out there that pay individuals a stipend to promote their business. They do this by you allowing them to install car wraps on your car. Thus making your vehicle a moving billboard for their business.

Another reason someone would want to get a car wrap put on their vehicle is for style. By the year 2030 it is estimated that there will be 1.2 billion cars in the world. Someone that doesn’t like the idea of having the same kind of car as thousands or even millions have, could have a custom made wrap put on their car. For those that want an exotic paint job but are afraid of what the finished product will cost, then a car wrap is most definitely the way to go.

Having a custom designed wrap will be more expensive then others, but definitely has your own personal flare. Some companies will also come up with a design to your liking and make a promise to never resell that specific design. Thus insuring that your car will be the only vehicle with that design. Or to save some money you can choose a pattern that a company has already design. This is the least inexpensive route to, and still gives your car a new look.