Women in Remarketing: Alden Ireland of America’s Auto Auction of Dallas

Auto Remarketing is recognizing the 2022 Women in Remarketing honorees in the May issue of the magazine, and will be posting Q&As with each of these outstanding leaders on the website.

Next up is Alden Ireland, who is general sales manager of America’s Auto Auction Dallas.

Auto Remarketing: What is the top trend you’re watching in remarketing/ wholesale automotive this year?

Alden Ireland: Well, that’s a loaded question, haha! What isn’t everyone watching? Wether it be the continuing inventory shortage, fuel prices, wholesale trends or the all important “EV conversation” one has to watch it all, and I mean EVERYTHING. Luckily, I have a twice-weekly front-row seat to the hottest trends on the market and let me tell you, it changes fast! One week, a late model Corvette or older Prius is the hot ticket item. The next? A 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel with the 5.9 or a late 90s flare side Ford F-150 takes center stage, and you’re blown away! Knowledge is power in this business.

The more firsthand knowledge of desirable inventory from 1990 to now, the better. Understanding your customer’s inventory from wholesale to frontline is imperative to provide them winning results.

AR: How has technology/innovation impacted your specific area of remarketing/wholesale the most?

Ireland: Technology and innovation is key to any industry; we absolutely need it. At the same time. brick-and-mortar serves an invaluable purpose. The ability to see, listen, touch firsthand can’t be 100% replicated in a virtual environment, at least not yet. I can sell most vehicles back of $50k via in-lane/simulcast sales, but who can’t? To be real, anything more than that requires a special audience.

Social media, online platforms and the like provide an invaluable resource and reach. It provides me an avenue of continued conversation with customers when certain vehicles may not be a good fi t for my lanes. I personally love how social media platforms have better helped me engage with my customers. From funny moments, to dream cars to sale day chaos, it’s all awesome and fun. I’ve enjoyed watching the daily interaction and our audience grow tenfold!

AR: What piece of career advice would you have for someone new to the industry?

Ireland: Pay your dues, make your way. “That’s not my job” has NEVER been in my vocabulary. One will never understand the role nor what it takes to make it successful until they have lived it. I am a boots-on-the-ground kind of gal, always watching the mechanics inside and out.

Knowing when and how to step in to help the operation as a whole or simply assist a single team member who is struggling. To be a true leader in this industry one has to be willing get their hands dirty. You work weekends, late nights, holidays — side by side with your team under the worst circumstances. It’s how you create a spirit of family, camaraderie and inevitable success as a business unit.

I once de-trashed repo’d mobile homes on a Saturday. Th at day still holds some of my favorite memories early on in my career!

AR: What is your proudest moment/accomplishment, career-wise?

Ireland: I’ve always said this about the automotive industry: “We all leave but we never really go anywhere.” My proudest accomplishment is the relationships I’ve built, be it with customers, coworkers or competitors. I am incredibly blessed by the fact that relationships formed nearly two decades ago still stand and support me to this day. Some of the proudest moments have also come in the darkest hours.

The times in your career when you make hard decisions for change. I’ve made them (or had them made for me) a few times. Walking away from something you’ve built hurts — a lot! You never know how people will react. Every time I’ve been met with love, support and encouragement from my peers. Like, the team you’ve built saying “take me with you,” the competition reaching out to say “come work for me” or a customer asking “where WE going?!”

All of those moments made me incredibly proud of the job I’ve done and realize my true worth. I have an incredible circle of otherwise unlikely friends who have become my auction family across all 50 states. That is my greatest blessing, my proudest accomplishment and my driving force. Living the dream, pushing metal!