Writing a Sales Letter: Stress the Benefits

What do you want from your sales letter? You want someone to make an appointment so you can show off your work or your widget, OR you want someone to buy your work or your widget. You want your customer to DO something. You want action.

The way to get the action you want is to be persuasive. You have to motivate your client or potential client to make a move and give you a call or pull out the checkbook. How do you do this? One word – benefits.

You persuade a client by explaining the benefits of your product. Many people mistakenly describe their product in minute detail. We know the caliber, the color, the weight, etc. But what we really want to know is this: What will it do for me? How will it improve my life? What is my benefit?

Let’s look at cars. Although a car commercial may tell you about the car’s features, they are not really selling cars. They might be selling tough – you are a tough man and can get a tough job done. They might be selling romance – you want a car that will make you sexy. They might be selling wealth – don’t you want a car that will make you feel rich?

I am a writer. I have 12 years of experience. I have written five books. If I sent you an email that told you these things, you’d think, “So what?” Instead, I need to tell you what makes me valuable to you. I can make you an authority in your field by helping your write a book about your field. You will be seen as a guru. Gurus sell more product or service. I might say something like this:

“Do you want to be an authority in your field? One of the fastest ways to do this is by writing a book. Being the author of a book commands the respect of your peers and your customers. It gives you and your business credibility – instant credibility. Perhaps you will want to sell your book. Perhaps you will just want to use it as a free offer or a thank you. Perhaps you will use it to inform potential clients about what you do and how it will benefit them. Whatever the case, a book can be a great boon.”

Now you see my value, and if my sales letter is written correctly, you will want to contact me for further information about writing a book.

It is imperative that you do not waste your time with a sales letter that does not persuade your audience to do something. You need to look at your product or service and explain what it can do for your customer.