Xiaomi Youpin launches the ONEBOT Racing Car Drift Edition RC Toy

Just recently, the Xiaomi Youpin platform listed a new product from ONEBOT, which is a toy race car. The ONEBOT Race Car Drift Edition is priced at 299 Yuan (roughly 44 US Dollars), with a special coupon also offering an additional 10 Yuan (roughly 1.5 US Dollars) discount at checkout.

The new toy race car has a rather complicated process of building, which is to make it as real to an actual race car. When finished, the ONEBOT race car spans a total length of 30 cm, and features a racing aerodynamic design, with various aspects reflecting the same. It also features a small but powerful motor that runs the toy car and is even offered along with precise controls.

The ONEBOT Race Car Drift Edition is made out of a number of 680+ PCS building blocks with the materials being safe, which also meets European and American RoHS standards. These building blocks also have a fine texture with good strength and are made with precision technology that fits well without any issues. Notably, ONEBOT is a brand of AIQI technology, which is backed by Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital (Xiaomi founders’ investment fund).


It also arrives with a dedicated smartphone app that displays the car in 3D, which allows for deconstruction and building of the car in the virtual space, while also offering a step by step guide for the entire process. Under the hood, a built in high capacity 2,000mAh battery that runs its powerful motor with 1700r/min. This battery is charged via a USB Type C charging port. So for those interested in getting a new toy racing car for young ones, you can definitely check out this one on Xiaomi Youpin.



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